The Berlin Baptism: Beer and Bratwurst

After spending an evening cautiously dodging broken glass and confused revelers in one of the local street festivals in Berlin, I didn’t have any trouble believing that the Germans need no reason to justify their inebriation. You would normally see them drinking in pubs, on the streets (it’s legal), at breakfast (is OJ overrated?), and even during sleep, I’d assume. Continue reading


Interlaken: Our Switzerland Introduction

Peaceful. Staggeringly beautiful. Expensive. As the train pulled to a halt in the town of Spiez, we jumped out of the coach and rushed to the adjacent platform determined to catch our connecting trip to Interlaken. That move proved to be unnecessary. It turns out we had 15 more minutes to spare before our scheduled train’s departure! That was our unprecedented Switzerland welcome: a 4-person marathon – with luggage in tow! Continue reading


Of gondolas and poop: my Venitian curiosities!

The very name Venice conjures up images of romantic gondola rides, swanky al fresco dining, and – like Paris and Tokyo – the name alone is almost reason enough to make the trip.

When I saw how strikingly beautiful Venice is from the movies Italian Job and The Tourist, I prayed the same way I did when I needed provisions for a trip to Sagada back in 2006. That trip nearly a decade ago kicked off my solo backpacking journey. The culprit then? Piolo and Juday’s insanely delightful on-screen chemistry in the Mountain Province-shot movie, Don’t Give Up On Us. Ang tindi! To put things into perspective, Venice was like my new Sagada. At admittedly, fan pala ako ni Esperanza. Hehehe! Continue reading